VG School District Lead Testing Results

Villa Grove School District Lead Testing Results
Posted on 01/09/2018
This is the image for the news article titled Villa Grove School District Lead Testing ResultsVILLA GROVE SCHOOL DISTRICT LEAD TESTING RESULTS 4-19-17

This report is to comply with the Illinois Department of Public Health's requirements for lead testing at drinking water fountains and sites at our school to be effective 1-1-18.  The district completed a total of 38 sample collections and repeated each one a minute later.  These samples were all numbered based on classroom number 1-15 and 25-32 and continued with drinking sources 33-48.  The samples were collected in a sampler kit in cooperation with the Carbondale Central Laboratory who completed each analysis and individual report.

The five cooled hallway fountains that met the requirements were sample numbers 33, 35, 36, 37, and 47.  The two cooled hallway fountains that did not meet the requirements were the oldest fountains numbered 34 and 41.  These have been replaced with new Elkay water fountains with filters.

The elementary classrooms contained old bubbler fountains on the edge of the sinks.  These have never had cooled water so they were not used for drinking.  However, they were required to be tested as well.  These were sample numbers 1-15 and 25-32.  Some passed the requirements and some did not pass because the water was not ran very often.  Some did not pass the first sample, but passed the second sample.  Since non-cooled water came from this source, our decision was to remove and cap all of these whether they passed or not. 

Sample numbers 42-46 were all in the kitchen.  All passed except 45 at the kettle cooker which required a new faucet.

Sample numbers 39 and 40 were in the nurse's office which did not pass the first sample but passed the second sample so the faucets were replaced.  The same with sample number 38 which was the ice machine which had sat for a while prior to testing so it did not pass the first sample but passed the second sample.  Therefore, the old piping was replaced.