Ms. Carey - Social Studies

Hello My Name Is...

Athena Carey

Ms. Athena Carey

I moved from central Missouri in the late spring of 2014 to Mahomet, IL to be closer to family.  My  son is named Reece and I have a dog named Zapp.  I attended East Central College and the Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, MO. Biology was my major because it was something I enjoyed.  As part of my degree I needed a history course. After speaking with members of the history department about their historical research I realized I was home. Now my goal is to teach history in a fun and meaningful way. Yes, there will still be some notes and vocabulary.  Hopefully you leave my classes shaking your head and saying to yourself, "I can't believe that worked!" Please understand that as I lived in Missouri for so long that of course I am a Blues and Cardinals fan. I look forward to seeing everyone in August for Current Events, U.S. History, Consumer Education, Civics, and Modern American. Publish Date: 7/12/16.