Ms. Meyer's Classroom Tour

Welcome to

Ms. Meyer's classroom!

I take GREAT pride in my classroom, my organization, and the hard work that I have put into making my room a fun, calm place to learn and grow.  After all, I consider it my own home away from home!  Please take a look around!


This is the view from the hallway as you enter my classroom!





The third graders will be able to hang up their coats and book bags in this area.  Third graders are also lucky enough to have a hallway locker!  The students will rotate when they will be able to have a locker of their own:  girls will have a locker until Christmas and boys will have a locker until the end of the school year!


I am so fortunate to be able to share these fully-stocked bookshelves with my students!  Previous teachers have left these books throughout the years.  THANK YOU!  The books are organized by reading series and AR level.  The Book Return box is for students to put their finished books to be shelved back and the Book Hospital is for any books that may be in need of repair!




Students in my class will be responsible for having a classroom job from time to time.  When it is a students turn to have a job, they will be able to CHOOSE the one that they would like to have!  The jobs include Ms. Meyer's Helper (pass out papers, run errands, etc.), Recycling Bin (take out and bring in the Recycling Bin every Tuesday morning), Trash Cans (gather all of the classroom trash cans at the end of the day for the janitors), Library Books (take out and carry back the library books on Wednesdays), and Lunch Tickets (pass out lunch tickets every day).



This calendar wall will be helpful for Math!



The students will be able to use these computers to take AR tests.  They may also be able to earn computer time as a reward!


These mailbox slots will hold all of the student's daily completed work and important notes to go home!  Students will collect their mail at the end of every school day.



Students will be able to meet with me one-on-one or in small groups in this location.  I often use this table for Guided Reading, corrections, re-teaching, and Parent/Teacher Conferences.

back table 


These baskets will store the student's homework that they turn in every morning.  Each subject has a particular basket.  The baskets are labeled:  Reading, English, Spelling, Math, Science/Social Studies, Morning Work, and Other.



Students will have MANY chances to earn rewards in my classroom!  The yellow bulletin board will be covered with multi-colored circles in a path around the board, like Candyland! Students will have a chance to draw a card from a jar.  The card will have a list of directions to follow!  They will follow the directions to determine the color prize they earn!  The following are what the students may earn: 

Black (play with the iPad)

Red (prize from the prize box)

Blue (candy from the apple jar)

Pink (sit in Ms. Meyer's chair for the day)

Green (two punches on their Behavior Punch Card)

White (computer time)

Yellow (prize from the prize box OR candy from the apple jar)

In order to redeem these wonderful prizes, students must punch in all 20 spaces of their punch card.  Students may earn punches by holding open a door, having a clean desk or locker, using good manners, helping a teacher or peer without having been asked, earning 100% on a test, etc.  As a whole class, the third graders will have a chance to complete a puzzle.  Each time the entire class is following the rules and behaving in an exceptional way, I will allow them to put a piece on the puzzle.  When the puzzle is complete, students may have a small party or special treat of their choice!  As always, Devil Dollards will be in places throughout the building at all times!  I am really looking forward to having these positive incentives in place!


This area will store math manipulatives and extra crayons, textbooks, and paper.  Each bin is labeled to make for a quick find!






If students in my classroom are not following the rules, they may have to move their name into different behavior pockets.  Students will have MANY chances to turn their behavior around.  First, a student will be given a Warning.  They will be told to move their namecard.  If the negative behavior still continues, students will have to move their namecard to the right.  A write-up may eventually be issued.  I may also make phone calls home or schedule a conference with parents if the need arises.  A weekly behavior schedule will also be sent home every night so parents are able to see how their child performed that school day.  

Here is my SMARTBoard and information center!  In Villa Grove, we are so fortunate to have access to the technology that we do!  I use my SMARTBoard for EVERYTHING!  To the left are the subject headings that I will use to record daily assignments and tests.  To the right in the red hanging file folder are pockets for me to store each subject's work for that day.  The blue pocket chart stores our daily schedule.


Here are views of my classroom from the front and from the back!  I have really enjoyed working hard on this room and putting my personal touches into everything!  I hope you've enjoyed your tour!