Typically, Spelling is set up the same way each week.  We will take a pretest on Monday and the words will be sent home so you may practice there, too.  On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we will do workbook pages (one per day) and a hands-on activity each day.  On Friday, we will take the final test.  Spelling grades include the workbook pages and final test.  I have all of the spelling units on spellingcity.com so be sure to check that out, too.

Words for Unit One

sat   grand   next  belt

felt   lend   send   went

past   last  stamp  hand

stand  best


Words for Unit Two

slip     fish   thing

pick    rocks   inch

lunch   gift    truck

pond   from   jump

socks   dish  thump


Words for Unit 3

easy grade  meet  late

seat   saved  pail  these

reach   name  raise  leave

gain   theme   scream


Unit 4

tight   while   show   stone

bright  whole  window  time

follow   close   flight  tide

grow   broke   below


Unit 5 Words

least  fast  just   burst

strip  stick  strike  artist

almost  student  strong  start

blast   step  street


Unit 6 Words

known   written  laugh  sphere

wreck   writer  wrong  wrap

wrench  knocked   knot  wring

enough   rough   wrinkle


Unit 7 Words

shot   chance  match  watch

showed  shock  pushed  such

crash   chew   batch  hitched

sharp   mush   speech


Unit 8 Words

space   stage   huge   fence

price   police   office  engine

badge   pencil  excite  force

range   ginger  giraffe


Unit 9 Words

joyful   choice   voice   joint

moist   spoil  royal  annoy

noise   employ  soil  loyal

boiled  destroy  pointy


Unit 10 Words

crown  proud  however  count

crowded  around  south  loud

house   shouted  howl  growl

bounce   fountain   sound

Unit 11 Words

brother's  brothers  uncle's 

sister's   sisters   sisters'   man's

men's   child's  girls   girl's

girls'   mine   yours  uncles


Unit 12 Words

song   law   because   soft

dawn  crawl  lost  taught

long   pause   frost   lawn

hawk  laundry   author


Unit 13 Words

boots   grouped  shook   school

looked  hood  choose  brook

zoomed  balloon  loose  soot

understood  cartoon  afternoon


Unit 14 Words

started   card  park  smart

star   shark   mark   barber

party   pardon  bark  tart

carpet  farther   barn


Unit 15 Words

bear   tear   haircut   stairs

wear  airplane  compare  repair

pear   prepare   stare  glare

sharing   fairy  aware

Unit 16 Words

forks  worn  form   fourth

war  storm  horse  warn

morning  forest  court   porch

poured   port   important


Unit 17 Words-Homophones!!

hear   one   won  way

heard  flower   our  flour

weigh  here  beat  herd

beet   hair   hare


Unit 18 Words

curl   birth  burned   perfect

thirty   church   firm   skirt

clerk   jerked   dirt   shirt

person   purse   term


Unit 19 Words

pulled  begged  hugged  silly

correct   latter  matter  supper

common   lesson  collect   setting

bottles  different   jelly


Unit 20 Words

faster   wisest  bigger  slowest

cooler   hottest   soonest   shorter

kindest  louder   slimmer  wildest

tamer   whitest   strangest


Words for Unit 21

sometimes  pickup  dishwater  notebook

upstairs  football  sunshine outdoors

hallway  timeout  doorway  sunset

bookcase  everyone  everything


Unit 22 Words

cowboy   horses   corral   winter

always  cactus  garden   tender

fifteen  basket  welcome   lasso

market  until   Monday


Unit 23 Words

belong  hotel  focus  miner

pupil  begin  music   future

behind   tiger  become  motel

baker   cabin  ocean


Unit 24 Words

blooming  settled  stamping  leaving

liked   taking   getting  filled

swimming  rolled  hoping  used

hurrying  buying  worried


Unit 25 Words

combination  action   vision   motion

section  nation  permission  confusion

question  attention  vacation  production

quotation   tension   sensation


Unit 26 Words

farmer  useful  softly  suitable

lonely  quietly  teacher  thankful

exactly   readable  nicer   safer

harmful   playful   suddenly


Unit 27

pennies  buried   replied   candies

emptied   stories   married  copies

parties   studied  mysteries   worries

discoveries  families   ponies


Unti 28

it's   isn't   you've   we'd 
won't   he's   didn't  she's 
we've   haven't   he'd
they'd   there's  don't  we'll

Unit 29

water  over   never  under

river  number   wonder   tower

rather  finger  center   prefer

better  border   fever

Unit 30

simple  total  apple  central

purple  signal  normal  middle

able  terrible  people  medal

handle  single