Each week in Reading, our class will read a new story.  We will read as a group, with partners, and listen to the story on tape.  Vocabulary is a huge part of the reading series.  As a class, we will do many activities to enhance comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary.  On Fridays, the class will take a test over the story.

Theme 1:  Something Special

Story 1-Officer Buckle and Gloria

Vocab-department, commands, obey, noticed, expression, audience, accident

Story 2-Pepita Talks Twice

Vocab-languages, grumble, mumbled, darted, streak, exploded, stubborn


 Story 3-Nate the Great:  San Francisco Detective

Vocab-specific, returned, detective, definitely, assistant, positive, case


Story 4-Allie's Basketball Dream

Vocab-aimed, pretended, familiar, captain, monitor, professional


Story 5-The Olympic Games:  Where Heroes are Made

Vocab-ancient, host, compete, stadium, record, ceremonies, medals, earned


Theme 2:  What A Team!

Story 6- Turtle Bay

Vocab-trained, wise, message, patiently, litter, eager

Story 7-Balto, the Dog Who Saved Nome

Vocab-telegraph, drifts, temperature, guided, trail, splinters

Story 8-Wild Shots, They're My Life

Vocab-creature, curious, marine, delicate, collapsed, survived

Story 9-Little Grunt and the Big Egg

Vocab-brunch, omelet, peaceful, erupting, lava, escape

Story 10-Rosie, a Visiting Dog's Story

Vocab-firm, confident, comfortable, approach, equipment, program, appointment

Theme 3:  Friends to Grow With

The Stories Julian Tells

 Vocab:  beyond, collection, mustache, seriously, fastened, cartwheel 


The Talent Show

Vocab:  gym, perform, prefer, recite, enjoying, billions, roam


Centerfield Ballhawk

Vocab:  outfielder, concentrate, depend, ballhawk, vanish, fault


Ramona Forever

Vocab:  glanced, comfort, longed, contagious, prescription, attention, unexpected


Sayings We Share:  Proverbs and Fables

Vocab:  summoned, fortunate, generation, persistently, faithful, illuminated


Second Text Book-On Your Mark

Theme 1:  Tell Me a Story

Papa Tells Chita a Story

Vocab:  weary  soldier colonel brambles

  urgent   stumbling outstretched


Coyote Places the Stars

Vocab:  swiftly, skillful, canyon, gazing, pride, feast, arranged


Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears

Vocab:  satisfied, duty, council, mischief, nonsense, tidbit


Lon Po Po (A Chinese Folktale similar to Little Red Riding Hood)

Vocab:  delighted, dusk, embraced, latch, tender, brittle, cunning


The Crowded House

Vocab:  wits, wailing, faring, advice, dreadful, farewell

Theme 2-Good Neighbors

Leah's Pony

Vocab:  county, auctioneer, bid, galloped, glistened, clutched



Vocab:  corral, ranchers, tending, stray, profit, market


Boom Town

Vocab:  miners, nuggets, skillet, stagecoach, settle,

boom town, landmark

Cocoa Ice

Vocab:  harvest, pulp, machete, trading, schooner, support, bargain


If You Made a Million

Vocab:  congratulations, receive, amount, choices, combinations, value


Theme 3-Celebrate Our World

I'm in Charge of Celebrations

Vocab:  average, celebrations, choosy, tracks, signal, admiring


Alejandro's Gift

Vocab:  shunned, cherished, growth, windmill, ample, furrows


Rocking and Rolling

Vocab:  edges, range, peak, epicenter, magma, coast


The Armadillo from Amarillo

Vocab:  eventually, converse, continent, sphere, universe, homeward


Visitors from Space

Vocab:  fluorescent, force, loops, nucleus, particles, solar wind