Weekly Announcements

A peek at the week...

Reading: This week we will look at Unit 3, Week 5. Our stories this week are called The Long Road to Oregon, Riding the Rails West!, and Discovering Life Long Ago. We will have a Reading test on Friday over Riding the Rails West!


English: This week we will look at Unit 3, Week 5: combining sentences with verbs.


Spelling: We will look at diphthongs. There will be a Spelling test on Friday!


Math: We will continue Module 3. We will look at Lesson 11. We will complete a study guide on Tuesday and will have a Mid-Module Assessment on Wednesday!


Science: none

Social Studies: We will look at Chapter 2: Communities and Geography.


AR: Read, read, read! The 2nd Quarter goal of 15 points must be earned by December 20th!



Upcoming events and important dates...

  • Tuesday, December 17th:Pajama Day (wear comfy pajamas!)
  • Wednesday, December 18th:December Homework Club, Grinch Day (wear green!)
  • Thursday, December 19th:December Birthday Party, out at 1:55 p.m.
  • Friday, December 20th:Winter Party, end of 2nd Quarter, out at 1:55 p.m.