Weekly Announcements

A peek at the week...

Reading: This week we will look at Unit 4, Week 2. Our stories this week are called The Impossible Pet Show, The Talented Clementine, and Clementine and the Family Meeting. There will be a Reading test on Friday!


The essential question: How can you use what you know to help others?

The genres: realistic fiction

The comprehension skill: point of view

The comprehension strategy: ask and answer questions

The phonics/spelling skill: plural words

The grammar skill: contractions with not


English: This week we will look at contractions with not. A contraction is a shortened form of two words. An apostrophe takes the place of one or more letters in a contraction. Some contractions are formed with forms of the verbs be, do, and have.


Spelling: This week we will look at plural words. There will be a Spelling test on Friday!


Math: We will begin Module 4. We will look at Lessons 1-4.


Science: none

Social Studies: We will continue Chapter 2 : Communities and Geography.


AR: Read, read, read! The end of the quarter is 3/7!


 Upcoming events and important dates...


  • Thursday, January 31st:January Birthday Party
  • Friday, February 1st:January Homework Club
  • Friday, February 8th:Midterm
  • Thursday, February 14th:Valentine Party
  • Friday, February 15th:School Improvement, out at 11:20 a.m.
  • Monday, February 18th:President's Day, NO SCHOOL
  • Thursday, February 28th:February Birthday Party
  • Friday, March 1st:February Homework Club