Weekly Announcements

A peek at the week...

Reading: This week we will continue our Wonders Reading series. We will look at Unit 3, Week 2. This week our stories are Jane's Discovery, Finding Lincoln, and A Great American Teacher. There will be a test on Friday over Finding Lincoln.

The essential question: How can one person change the way you think?

The genres: historical fiction and biography

The comprehension skill: cause and effect

The phonics/spelling skill: r-controlled vowels /ar/ and /or/

The grammar skill: subject-verb agreement


English: This week we will look at subject-verb agreement. The tense of a verb tells when the action takes place. A verb in the present tense tells what happens now. Add s to most present-tense verbs with singular subjects. Add nothing to present-tense verbs with plural subjects. A verb must agree in number with its subject.


Spelling: This week we will look at words that have r-controlled vowels /ar/ and /or. There will be a Spelling test on Friday!


Math: This week we will continue Module 3. We will look at Lessons 5-9.


Science: We will begin Science Chapter 3: Where Plants and Animals Live.

Social Studies: none


AR: Read, read, read! The 2nd Quarter deadline to earn 15 points is on December 21st!



Upcoming events and important dates...


  • Friday, December 7th:November Homework Club
  • Wednesday, December 19th:December Birthday Party
  • Thursday, December 20th:December Homework Club
  • Friday, December 21st:Christmas Party, early dismissal at 1:20 p.m., end of 2nd Quarter